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Flower Garden Landscaping for the Coming Year | Washington, DC Area

Mar 7, 2013 | Gardens

Even though there is still snow on the ground it is time to start thinking about flower garden landscaping for the coming year. With proper planning, the garden can have color from Spring until late Fall.


Local Plants

One way to ensure that a flower garden will do well in any environment is to choose native plants. These plants are already acclimated to the climate and the growing season. There are a wide variety of plants and flowers in almost any locality that will bloom and add color throughout the growing season. From spring bulbs to fall grasses, choosing native plants will make a garden easier to care for and less likely to fail from disease.

If there are non-native flowers desired, verify they are hardy enough to withstand local weather. This means understanding what they need for temperatures, soil, water and sunlight. Careful planning before the first seed is planted will help provide a garden that requires less work over the course of the growing season.


Blooms and Berries

When choosing plants it is also important to understand how long they take to germinate and produce blooms. Learn how long the flowers last and what can be done to extend the life of those blooms. Will pinching off blooms as they wither help the plant to produce more color, or will it just cause the plant to shut down?

Choose several plants and flowers that will grow and bloom at different times of the year. Don’t forget to check into the berries that may be produced in the fall as these are a great way to add color to any garden. Consider flowering ground cover as well. The green leaves and colored flowers can create contrast and cover areas where larger flowers are not able to grow.


Add Some Height

Tall flowers are one way to add some interest to a garden because they add height. Consider adding grasses or flowering bushes for height as well. There are many grasses that produce leaves with colors and patterns that start as green in the spring and last into fall.  Bushes with spring blooms may also have leaves that turn colors in the fall.

Planning a flower garden a year in advance is the best way to create a lasting impression. There are many bulbs that must be planted in the Fall so they can flower in early Spring. There are also seeds that must be planted in the spring to provide summer or even fall color. Choosing a wide variety of flowers and plants will create a garden that lives from early spring to late fall. Adding new flowers and plants each year will help maintain an interesting garden.

If you live in Northwest, Washington, DC or Montgomery County, MD, and you want more information on flower garden landscaping contact us.

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