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3 Front Yard Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

May 1, 2019 | Patios

In the U.S., the landscaping industry generates an estimated $74 billion each year as homeowners look to improve the value of their homes. But if you don’t know that much about landscaping, it can be easy to turn a beautiful landscape design into a nightmare. There are plenty of front yard landscaping mistakes that can leave the front of your home looking neglected.

Here are 3 of the most common mistakes a homeowner can make while implementing their landscape design.

Front Yard Landscaping Mistake 1: Improper Planning

Many homeowners think they can just start planting before they take the time to plan. However, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. The first step in landscaping is to take an inventory of your yard, and note the conditions of the soil, drainage, climate conditions, and any existing vegetation. Try to grow plants that will work with the state of the property that you have, not the property you wish you have. Your landscaping contact at Johnson’s Landscaping can help you make these hard decisions.

Front Yard Landscaping Mistake 2: Overcrowded Plants

Plants need space in order to ensure the proper amount of air circulation. If your plants or shrubs are planted too close to each other, it can stunt their growth. Overcrowded landscaping forces plants to compete over water and nutrients in the soil, which can put the entire cluster of plants at risk. When planning your design, keep in mind how tall and wide each type of plant is expected to grow. If you plan with an expert at Johnson’s, you’ll get the right amount of space in between your plants.

Front Yard Landscaping Mistake 3: Not Watering Enough

To maintain a beautiful landscape, your plants must be watered on a regular basis. Not watering often enough is one of the biggest landscaping mistakes a homeowner can make. Professional landscapers suggest that homeowners invest in a simple drip-irrigation system. These systems can be attached to a spigot with a timer, ensuring your landscape will always get the water it needs to flourish.

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