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Asphalt, Concrete, or Paver Driveways

Feb 19, 2011 | Services

So, you need a new driveway….Asphalt, Concrete, or Paver?

If you are considering installing a new driveway for your home or business, you probably are deciding which type of driveway is the best for you.  In terms of aesthetic beauty, there is little comparison to the paver driveway. In this respect, few would disagree. Still, many folks considering new driveways are understandably also driven by the amount they will need to invest. This factor often contributes to clients deciding for asphalt or concrete driveways. The reality is, as your investment level rises, your need to repair the driveway cracks and ugly dips decreases over time. So the question becomes for the client, what are my true investment levels over time? What effect does increasing cost over time for concrete and asphalt driveways have on your debate over paver, asphalt, or concrete driveway installation? In this Chevy Chase, MD driveway, the asphalt driveway is cracking and creating potholes that, while they are filled in annually, continue to re-appear year after year.

asphalt drivewayasphalt driveway bump

Concrete driveways, while offering a little more stable lifespan than asphalt driveways, also tend to crack over time. With the freezing and thawing cycle, those concrete and asphalt driveway cracks get bigger and require regular maintenance, or in the case of concrete driveways, regular sealant. In contrast to concrete and asphalt driveways, paver driveways offer aesthetic beauty and little maintenance over time. Should one of the pavers crack or dip over time, this is an easy fix which requires simply replacing the single paver or lifting that paver, and adding additional base material to re-level that area. In this Chevy Chase, MD paver driveway installed by the certified team at Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc. the paver driveway accentuates the stone retaining wall, the brick house façade, and even the car in the driveway.

paved driveway

While your initial investment in a paver driveway will be more, your costs over time will be less than your costs associated with concrete or asphalt driveways. In addition, in a paver driveway, you will be investing in an aesthetically beautiful driveway which will add lasting value to your property and your home.

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