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Backyard Landscape Designs Creating More Living Space | Washington DC

Feb 4, 2013 | Lawns, Patios, Services

According to the Zillow Home Value Index, the average price of a home in Washington, DC runs upwards of $400,000. Each year those prices continue to rise.

What does this mean for people living in the Washington, DC area? If they want to experience the joys of home ownership, they are going to have to dig deep into their pockets to finance their living spaces.

Are you one of those who do a lot of living in your home but still come up short when it comes to having enough space to do all of your living? If so, one solution is to consider how you can create more living space by expanding some of the living you do into the outdoors.

That’s right. Urban living spaces often have more space outdoors that homeowners can incorporate into their homes, provided they think outside the box and utilize space that might work well. If only they could figure out the “how-to”!

Wise is the city dweller who incorporates backyard landscape design ideas so that the outside living space becomes an extension of home living spaces.

With the help of an experienced lawn and patio team, you can come up with ways of taking existing outside space and turning it into an additional living area. Carefully placed plants, shrubbery, outdoor furniture and even custom-built carpentry can turn outdoor areas, either cozy and small or roomy and large, into an outdoor landscape design you’ll be proud to show to family and friends.

Is reading or relaxation your thing? Add a small water feature, a hammock and a wooden privacy wall or vine-covered latticework just outside your back door.

Do you need more space to entertain? How about a custom-designed patio or gazebo complete with a comfortable sofa, table and chairs near your outdoor fireplace or grill?

The right plantings, flowers and other shrubbery can take your outdoor living spaces to an entirely new dimension. So, too, can your choices of exterior lighting add atmosphere, mood and perhaps a bit of magic to your evenings spent at home.

For help in beautifying your outdoor living spaces and turning them into additional living areas, visit Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc. For more information, contact us online or visit our website.

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