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Brick Patio Patterns Compromise Between Contemporary & Traditional

May 1, 2021 | Patios

Brick patios might be considered to be an overly traditional choice when designing a patio in a front yard or back yard area. But they can also be a compromise between traditional and contemporary, depending on the design and brick patterns you choose. Because of those pattern options, you can look just as trendy as building a maintenance-needy wooden deck.

Brick Patio Syles

The Stacked Bond Style

This stacked method in a brick patio pattern is known for being appealing and eye-catching. While it looks traditional in the even placement of the bricks, it ultimately makes a smaller space look larger to the eye. In that regard, it works well in more contemporary homes where you can look trendy without having to pay a fortune.

Some people even use the stacked bond method to place the bricks at oblique angles for an edgier look to brick patio tradition.

Herringbone Patterns

These patterns are always interesting based on their complexity. Because they can be placed at 45 or 90-degree angles, a number of different trendy brick patterns can be created. These patterns also create better support for plenty of foot traffic if you use your brick patio for entertaining on a frequent basis.

Basket Weave Patterns

Using this style, you can create a pattern that looks more complex. It works by pairing two bricks together and placing them in various horizontal and vertical patterns. These are sometimes placed with other patterns to create variety. But it’s an example of an ancient brick pattern going back centuries that can be mixed with other patterns to look very contemporary.

Using the basket weave style in an area that gets the most foot traffic will prove to your guests that you gave extensive thought to your brick patio.

Long Soldier Course Patterns

This vertical pattern of brick is usually placed to create a narrow path. Regardless, it can be placed within existing patterns to give the sense of a brick path embedded onto your patio. Doing an interesting pattern like this can even lead to guests broaching conversation about the design as proof that you’re as trendy as your peers.

So many other variations are possible with brick patios. Here at Johnson’s Landscaping Service, we have the longstanding experience and family integrity to bring you the best brick patio designs from our landscaping team.

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