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Cabin John Has It All | Cabin John, MD

Jan 1, 2015 | Lawns

Cabin John is known as a scenic destination, a place where you can get away from the heat and humidity. It’s not miles away from Washington D.C., so what makes it a retreat?

One of the reasons people come to Cabin John is the mystery. No one knows for sure how Cabin John got its name. One story is a romantic story of a woman and man running away, the woman dying, and John mourning her. The other story is that a corrupt pirate buried his treasure there. Even today the citizens’ association reserves rights to half of any treasure Captain John might have hidden.

But the main reason people come to Cabin John is the mix of old and new. There are stately old trees, and rock walls mixed with beds of flowers and modern sculptures. There are old homes with original landscaping and mansions with a more modern touch in the landscaping. That mix of old and new is what attracts people to live in Cabin John.

If you live in Cabin John, or are looking for a home in Cabin John, we’d like to help you with your landscaping. We’d like to help you find your perfect style that blends in with your neighbors, yet is uniquely you. We’d like to help you find that perfect blend of stately old trees and new flower beds. We’d like to help you blend old rock walls with modern water features or sculptures. If that is the type of personal landscaping you would like, contact us and we can make it happen.

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