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3 Steps for Spectacular Flagstone

3 Steps for Spectacular Flagstone

When it comes to getting the most from flagstone patios or walkways, there are many options and components a homeowner should consider that go beyond simply color. Flagstone is often the best choice for an outdoor walkway or patio because it is so attractive, durable, maintenance-free, versatile and adaptable. Flagstone blends well with almost any type of outdoor decor, from formal to rustic.

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6 ways to boost your yard drainage

6 ways to boost your yard drainage

With 2017 shaping up to be a very wet year, many homeowners now realize that their landscapes have areas of poor yard drainage, leading to “standing” water. Those who live on the bottom of hills will wind up getting a deluge from their neighbors’ storm water runoff. Standing water can damage lawns, trees, and shrubs and provides breeding grounds for mosquitoes. To keep your basements and low-lying areas dry and to maintain a healthy landscape that is bug-free, you must address yard drainage issues as soon as possible.

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