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Choosing the Best Plant, Shrubs and Trees for Your Landscape: Let Us Help

Dec 12, 2016 | Gardens, Lawns

Perhaps you can envision the perfect landscape for your home. A neat and structured front yard, bountiful blooms of varied heights alternating with robust greenery, partially shaded with large healthy trees.

The backyard is an ocean of green with repeating patches of colorful flowers and plants of varying textures, easily accessible by a stroll down a winding pathway. Benches and a few chairs offer a spot for relaxation and complement the fire pit and gathering area for friends and family.

An arbor entryway to a hidden area reveals another room-like spot with a dining table and chairs, a grill and a bar. A few raised beds are located in sunny spots, providing the perfect area to grow vegetables and herbs. A row of attractive shrubs offers privacy from the neighbor’s view along with spring blooms and fruit later in the season.

Further to the left is a wall, covered with blooming vines that produce late summer color and fragrance. Perhaps you know exactly what to plant, when and where, for this desired result. Maybe you know what you want in the landscape, but have no idea where to start. Or maybe you have a front and back yard that needs improvement, but that’s all you know.

Let Johnson’s Landscaping handle these situations and all those in between. Using the right plants, trees and shrubs for your area and your individual yards, we can achieve the perfect landscaping result.

If you have a plan and know what plants you want to use, we advise if they are right for your area. Some plants need soil that is rich and fertile, while others happily grow in lean soils with few nutrients. Some specimens need lots of sun; others offer the best results when planted in a partially shaded patch of ground.

Our years of experience make us aware of what various plants need and what to expect from them. We know where to find healthy plants that give the desired result. And, so important, we put the right plant in the right place for proper development and growth.

If you don’t have a plan, no worries. Our professional landscape designers will survey your yard and offer various options. Look at our portfolio for ideas and to see a few of our successful installations. As spring approaches, get ready for the landscape of your visions. Contact us soon to get started.

We are still answering phones Monday-Friday, 8-5, and responding to inquiries. If you have questions, please call (301) 656-6414.

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