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Common Causes of Water in Your Basement

Dec 14, 2015 | Services

Homeowners are often concerned by the presence of moisture in their basement. This is an understandable concern for homeowners to have, as the presence of water in one’s basement could be a sign of, or lead to, a variety of costly problems. However, should you discover water in your basement, it is important for you to try to determine the cause of your water problems so that you can address this issue as soon as possible. In order to help you  better understand the basement moisture problems you may be experiencing, here are some of the most common causes of water in your basement.



The first, and perhaps most common, reason for the presence of water in basement is the accumulation of condensation. Condensation is a common occurrence, particularly in finished basements, as sinks, dryers, showers, and the mere presence of people, can cause excess moisture to accumulate in the air of your basement. When this humid air comes in to contact with cool basement walls, it can cause condensation to accumulate. It is thusly important for homeowners to be aware of this condensation, as it is not necessarily a cause for immediate concern as it is likely not the result of structural problems. However, this condensation likely indicates that you may need better air movement and ventilation systems in your basement in order to prevent this condensation from occurring.


Floor and Wall Cracks

If you find water seeping out of your basement walls, or you notice damp spaces on your basement floors, then this is likely indicative of cracks in your basement. This is another common reason for basement moisture issues. As a house settles over time, it is common for these sorts of cracks to appear. In fact, you may have even noticed these small cracks in the past, and dismissed them as unimportant. However, aside from the fact that they could potentially indicate structural problems in your home, even the smallest cracks in your basement walls and floors can cause moisture problems when the soil outside of your home becomes saturated with water. Thusly, if you notice cracks in your basement, and/or you discover water in your basement that seems to be coming through the walls or floors, you will want to have your basement professionally inspected, have any structural damage repaired, and you will also want to consider having your basement waterproofed so that you do not have to deal with moisture problems in the future.


Improper Grading

Large amounts of water streaming down your basement walls, particularly during or after a storm, is likely an indicator of improper grading and water management systems around your home. When it rains, if you do not have proper gutters, downspouts, and grading around your home, large amounts of water will accumulate around your home’s walls. This water can then force its way between the ground floor of your home and your basement, causing your basement to flood. This is a critical problem that can cause severe water damage to your home, and can potentially cause other structural damage. If you experience large amounts of flooding in your basement, it is imperative to have this issue addressed as soon as possible. In addition, if you believe that this problem is the result of improper grading, you will want to address this issue before the next storm hits your area. The presence of moisture in one’s basement is a cause for concern due to the damage it can cause to one’s possessions, as well as to one’s home. Thusly, while some homeowners may have the instinct to ignore occasional basement moisture, you should have this issue addressed as soon as possible in order to prevent costly repercussions later.

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