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For 60 years, Johnson’s Landscaping has been providing top-notch landscape design and landscape maintenance services and customer satisfaction to the Darnestown area. Our family-owned landscaping company is proud to have decades of experience in creating unique landscape designs that are precisely executed because of our solid work ethic.

We can make your dream Darnestown landscape a reality, be it a new walkway, deck, or patio installation – or even just a full yard renovation! Every member on our team from designers to installers are all experts in their field and experienced working within this region, so you’re guaranteed an unparalleled service no matter what kind of project we take on for you. Book your free consultation today, and let us turn your landscaping wishes into reality!

The Darnestown, MD Setting

Historic Darnestown was one of the first places settled in what would become the United States in the 17th Century. Today, residents enjoy the historic setting featuring locations like the Black Rock Mill and Seneca Creek State Park.

Darnestown is a place of stunning natural beauty and deep history, making it the ideal source of inspiration for our landscaping projects. Let us assist you in creating an amazing landscape that will be the envy of those around you! Whether it’s used as a gathering spot or simply admired from afar, we can design your outdoor space exactly how you envision it; make sure yours stands out above all others today!

The 5-step Darnestown Landscaping Process

At Johnson’s Landscaping, we strive for excellence in both our landscaping and customer service. This is made possible through an efficient 5-step process that allows us to remain connected with you and your vision of the project at the forefront. This system ensures flawless execution by bringing together elements such as nature, creativity, and modernity into a single landscape tailored to fit your needs. With this unique approach, we can guarantee that your input will always be taken seriously throughout every step of the design process!


The initial meeting is a very important step of the process. This is where you can express your opinion and share your ideas with our landscape designers in Darnestown. During this first step, we will discuss what kind of design you want, how much work needs to be done and how much money you are willing to spend on it. Our team members will draw inspiration from all the great things that make Darnestown special and create a custom landscape design tailored specifically for your tastes!


After the initial meeting and receiving your custom proposal, our landscape design team will start to formulate a plan that can make your dream landscape come true. They will go through all of your ideas in detail and provide their own suggestions on how they could help you achieve what you have envisioned. When everyone is content with the vision, we then create a blueprint for your new landscape. 


In our third step, the discussion stage, we give you the opportunity to review and analyze the plan created by our team. You can ask any questions or provide feedback that comes to mind so that we can ensure your satisfaction before moving forward with installation. This way, both of us are completely in sync over what is expected from your new Darnestown landscape project.


At last, we’ve arrived at the installation phase! Our experienced teams will install your landscaping plan impeccably and in a timely manner. We guarantee to make this process as effortless for you as we can – all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let us create the landscape of your dreams! Why not take advantage of what Darnestown has to offer while our project is underway?


Once the installation is complete, we will ensure that your landscape lives up to Darnestown’s reputation for being stunning. We’ll do this both in the short and long-term. Immediately following completion of the project, our team and you will perform a review along with formulating an individualized program for ongoing site maintenance.

Our Darnestown services


If you’re looking for a one-of-a kind landscape that captures the beauty and allure of Darnestown, our expert design team is here to help! We offer various landscaping services including designing, installing driveways and walkways as well as stone pathways and surfaces. Our specialty lies in creating unique vistas with an eye catching curb appeal – giving your landscape the perfect touch it needs. So don’t worry if you don’t know where to start; let us guide you on your journey towards beautifying your outdoor space!

Enjoy a night in while still enjoying the great outdoors and socializing with people around you. Outdoor lighting can make it happen. We have numerous selection of lights available that can easily suit your needs perfectly. If this isn’t enough for you however and you would like more natural elements incorporated into your landscape design then we also offer plenty of options when it comes to trees, shrubs, flowers and other plantings so that way your yard will feel even closer than nature itself!

Outdoor Lighting

The number of services that we are able to provide are endless, and many are functional as well. Whether you need a fence for some privacy, solutions to your drainage problems, or just some landscape maintenance, we are here to take the work off of your hands, so you can spend more time enjoying your beautiful Darnestown neighborhood. Call us for a free consultation today!

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