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These are some of the most common questions to pop up from our customers. Don’t see your question answered? Contact Us

Johnson’s follows all industry-standard requirements when building its hardscapes, including stone walls, stone patios, pavers, etc. In the event that, work requires engineering, Johnson’s will perform the protocols indicated by the engineers and codes required by inspectors.

If a plant or tree dies within one year, reach out to us. We can do an on-site review. Please send pictures and the name of the plant when you contact us. For all warranties, it’s a one-time replacement warranty. We encourage clients to plant those warranty replacements in the spring or fall, which are the optimal planting times.

Increasingly, projects in the DMV require permitting and engineering, particularly if they involve walls at a certain height and sediment control. All permitting and engineering is the responsibility of the client. Johnson’s does offer permitting and engineering assistance for a fee because it is so challenging for homeowners. We work with specific permitting companies and engineers to get your project done. If you get another contractor who says your walls or sediment control won’t involve permitting, it’s a red flag.

We’re happy to work with clients. Things can come up in the course of the project that lead to clients wanting to make changes. We can work with you to make changes that are deemed appropriate within the scope of the project. Any changes can result in a higher cost for the project.

Yes! The estimate is free, and if it is determined that the client would be best served by a design, then the designer will provide a proposal.

Our maintenance contracts are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly from April to October. We come out in March for prep work, and in fall and winter for leaf cleanup. All contracts can be customized to the client’s needs.

We have a one-year warranty on all our plants and trees. The warranty does require watering, and we will provide watering instructions at the end of your project.

Landscape project lengths vary. It can take 1-2 days up to months depending on the complexity and size of the project.

Installation times from the point of the contract vary on the season. They can go from 3-4 weeks in the winter and summer months to 4-8 weeks in spring and fall, which are the busier seasons. Additional wait times could be caused by the availability of plants, the permitting process, and engineering if necessary.

With most contracts, we encourage clients to make color decisions by the signing of the contract or very soon after so that we can ensure that the product is available.

We use a 5-step process to ensure the same quality of work across projects.

After every project, our crew will clean up and as much as necessary will attempt to restore areas disturbed in the course of the project, to include overseeding and oversodding if necessary.

Johnson’s has a number of experienced and veteran crews that include masons, planting crews, lighting crews, carpenters, and other skilled workers. From time to time, we do use subcontractors to offer more expertise to clients and to decrease the wait time for our clients.

Transplanting any tree or plant is a risky procedure. You should not expect 100% of your plants to survive.

Every landscape job has some element of water management, from the smallest to the largest. We’ve been in business since 1960, and we’re experts in drainage. While we always give our best efforts and advice, we can’t 100 percent predict water direction or volume. For those reasons, we don’t warrant our drainage jobs.

All our landscape lighting is low voltage and requires a dedicated outlet for our transformer. Clients who need to install a dedicated outlet will need to hire an electrician.

It depends on availability. Call to inquire.

Yes, that will be included in the plan and budget.

Yes, we will offer design expertise for a fee.

Many clients decide to do their projects in phases. We may hardscape in spring and plant in fall. Our landscape designers can work with you to determine the appropriate phases and steps.

Sure. Johnson’s will work with you if you decide to purchase your materials separately. Clients who do so won’t get the warranty protections for the plants or hardscapes they purchased.

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