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Finding the Right Flowers for Zone 7 Potomac Gardens | Potomac, MD

Aug 15, 2014 | Gardens

Johnson’s Landscaping has provided quality service to the communities of Northwest D.C., Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Silver Spring, Rockville, Potomac, and Olney since 1960. Over the years, one thing our customers ask us time and time again is what plants are best for the area. Maryland is considered to be Zone 7 for hardiness so plants chosen for landscaping need to be hardy in this region. There are many beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees, and groundcovers that thrive in the Potomac area, and here is just a sampling of them!

Astilbe is a perennial plant that gets a very beautiful, showy flower plumes and has glossy foliage that resembles ferns. Its flower clusters can be anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet in height there are many varieties from dwarf to giant Astilbe that can be 6 inches tall to more than three feet tall. Astilbe may look delicate but they are tough and thrive in Zone 7 conditions and are great for shady areas that need a splash of color!

Hyacinth is a very common Northern flower that comes from bulbs which are planted in the fall and bloom in the spring. They have a sweet, lingering fragrance and can be planted in staggering rows to bring bight color and relaxing fragrance to any garden. The spikes of flowers are made up of smaller bell-shaped flowers that can be either single or double. These beautiful flowers work great outdoors and can also be used in containers for use on patios, decks, and baloneys.

Sedum is a beautiful perennial flower that grows well in the Potomac area. It has thick, succulent leaves, fleshy stems, and the colorful blooms are formed in large clusters of tiny star-shaped flowers. There are many types of sedums, which makes it a versatile plant for use in gardens and can be used as a foreground or background plant, focal piece, or in larger mass plantings and beds. Sedums are easy to care for and are good for cut flowers so you enjoy their beauty outside and inside your home.

Zinnias are among the easiest annuals to grow in the Maryland area. They grow quickly and bloom heavily, bringing a bright splash of vibrant color. They make a great option for mass plantings and can also be used in flower beds for borders or in containers and hanging baskets too. Zinnias have a single bright, daisy-like flower at the end of each stem. There are many color combinations and several different types that offer variations on flower structure and overall plant size.

Contact us today to discover even more amazing plants that work well in our Zone 7 area. Johnson’s Landscaping is ready to help you make your yard or garden the best that is possibly can be with beautiful flowers that are perfect for our area!

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