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Garden Walkways Provide Defining Details

Dec 6, 2012 | Gardens

One of the often under-appreciated aspects of a landscape design are the garden walkways that tie the elements of the space together and make the space more accessible.

Garden paths are part of the basic infrastructure of a garden. They help define and shape a garden’s structure, provide sight lines and allow easier access for maintenance.

Walkways can be simple or complex. They can formal or informal. They can be constructed from a variety of materials, including pavers, flagstones, gravel or even grasses.

A well-designed garden walkway can unify a garden, provide easy transition from one focal element to the next and help define and emphasize focal points.

They also provide a great place for a stroll when you want to unwind.

The walkway’s edges also provide a great place for additional plantings.

One of the primary roles walkways serve in a garden is to provide easy access under a variety of conditions. A walkway can make the garden accessible even in inclement weather or, with lighting, at night.

Walkways can also be used to provide easy access to garden features such as gazebos, seating areas, and views.

A garden with walkways invites visitors to take a move about, to meander through the flower beds, water features, and plantings. They encourage a more personal interaction with the garden.

The functional versatility of walkways make them an element that should not be overlooked when designing and constructing a garden. Putting a little extra effort into getting the walkways just right will make your final product much more satisfying.

If you live in Montgomery County, MD or Northwest, Washington, DC, and would like to learn more about how to incorporate walkways into your garden, contact us.

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