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Small Front Yard Landscaping

Apr 1, 2021 | Gardens, Lawns, Services

There seems to be a trend with home builders these days.  They are moving the garage around back, accessible by an alley, they are adding front porches with neighborhood socializing in mind and they are reducing the size of those expansive front lawns we have become accustomed to seeing.  With smaller front yard areas to work with, there is a great opportunity to use alternatives to grass.

Rock Garden

From a Japanese-style rock garden to a dry riverbed created with various sizes of river rock, this type of landscaping can be practically maintenance-free.  Rocks are also a good choice when reducing the amount of grass area.  You can create a border with timbers or other barriers and then fill the space with decorative rock.  There are many colors, sizes, and textures to choose from.

You Can Still Have Trees

They may not be as numerous or as large as in the past but there are some beautiful small trees that pack a big visual punch.  A tree-like the Crape Myrtle with its big clusters of flowers is a good choice for a small front yard.  The Japanese Maple is an excellent addition to a river rock bed and the contrast between the red maple leaves and the grey-black of the rocks is striking.

A Small Water Garden

One of the best things about using a water feature as the focal point to your front yard landscaping is the variety of designs that can be created.  All you need is the perfect vessel.  A half-barrel, beautiful planter or colorful flower pot can be used to build your water garden. Allow enough room for the addition of aquatic plants which can produce spectacular flowers and even create a healthy environment for some small fish.  There is something so peaceful and relaxing about a water feature.

Landscaping in the smaller, urban areas of Washington, DC, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda, can present some unique challenges.  There needs to be careful attention paid to avoiding over crowding.  For small spaces, simple can be best and with just the right plants and materials, your small front yard landscaping of can be as striking as any large landscaping project.

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About the Author

Matt Johnson grew up in a family of landscapers and gardeners as the grandson of Raymond Johnson (Founder, 1933, Johnson's Florist and Garden Center) and son of James and Carol Johnson (Founders, 1960, Johnson's Landscaping Service, Inc.). Since 2007, he has led Johnson's Landscaping Service with his brother, Charlie.  Matt and his wife Jaime live in Petworth in Northwest DC with their 3 sons and 2 big dogs.

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