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Landscape Design Silver Spring: Keep it Fabulous | Silver Spring, MD

Apr 11, 2014 | Lawns

When you drive through the streets of Silver Springs you will see lush landscapes, and well-thought out landscape designs. Whether the yard is large or small, the residents of Silver Springs want to keep it a fabulous place to live.

Stevie Nicks recognized that Silver Springs was a great place to live when he wrote a song titled Silver Springs. When asked why, he said he wrote the song because they were driving in Maryland and saw Silver Springs. He loved the name because it sounded like a fabulous place. So, he wrote a song about Lindsey that started with “You could be my silver springs….”

He was right! Silver Springs is a fabulous place to live. Why? Because the people care about their properties and it shows.

But let’s face it. Winter can be harsh on the plants and it can be hard work to keep the exterior of your home looking fabulous. Mulch needs replaced, plants need planted, shrubs and trees need attention, and the lawn needs seeded and fertilized. Winter is leaving, and your landscape needs food and help before summer arrives.

If you look beyond the plants, you might notice that the salt and ice of our winter might have damaged some of the walkways and paths through your yard. Now is the time to repair and update those walkways.

Let’s keep Silver Spring a fabulous place to live and pay attention to our landscapes now. Now is the best time to start thinking about revitalizing your landscape, or redesigning your landscape. Now is the time to contact a reputable company that specializes in landscape design in Silver Spring. With assistance from a great company, your landscape can have that fabulous look again this summer.

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