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Who doesn’t want to improve their landscape and their lifestyle? You are one call away from doing just that with Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc. in Potomac, Maryland!

Don’t let your worry over proper landscape maintenance take away time with your family, or hobbies. Take advantage of all that Potomac has to offer- from more golf to more walks through the park- when you call us. With our expertise and labor, we’ll take care of the landscape maintenance so you don’t have to pull the weeds yourself, or research how and when to prune. Without the time to research each landscape maintenance decision, you might be doing even more damage than good to your plants, trees, and shrubs

In Potomac, Our Lawn Care Services Include:

After the initial clean up, we will next visit your property in Potomac on a regular basis to ensure you have proper landscape maintenance. You can choose how frequently you would like to schedule maintenance- whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our top notch landscape maintenance in Potomac includes cutting the grass, edging the curbs and other edges, weeding, and fine pruning. On top of those services, we rake debris, edge and prepare planting beds, weed and seed your lawn, and prune your shrubs for the seasons to come. We also offer seasonal upkeep packages to keep up with the variable Potomac seasons. In autumn, we clear leaves, and in preparation for the holidays, we clean and mulch the whole property. This keeps your home looking well-kept and tidy all year long- with no work needed from you!

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Trust the Potomac Landscape Maintenance Pros

Landscape maintenance is a no-brainer for most homeowners who care about the value of their home and neighborhood, especially in beautiful Potomac. Though it may be a no-brainer, when it comes to the actual landscape maintenance, you can trust our Potomac landscaping experts to do all the research and labor so that not one task gets missed. Don’t let lack of time or skill get in the way of your home’s ideal aesthetic appeal. You’ve put a lot of time, resources, and labor into getting your home and landscaping up to your standards. Let our Potomac landscaping maintenance experts take care of it from here!

Keep Your Lawn Green and your Plants Thriving 

Are you tired of always having the grass greener on the other side? Our Potomac experts can make you the green grass envy of all.

It can be difficult for any homeowner to keep their grass as green as possible and their shrubs as pruned as can be in- or off-season. Even knowledgeable green thumbs can face challenges. Our experts on proper Potomac lawn care and tree and shrub maintenance know what tactics and what products your plants need no matter what season it is. Every region has its own particular climate and needs, Potomac is no different. Use our lawn care pros to keep the grass greener on your side and to maintain beauty and uniqueness through thriving shrubs and trees.

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trees and shrubs in a garden

Off-season maintenance

The growing season can be a time of immense beauty and enjoyment for your outdoors areas. However, it can also be a time of pressure to take advantage of this important time for prime growth and maintenance. With our Potomac landscaping expertise, we can keep unwanted weeds and pests in check, while promoting growth of the plants you want through timely watering and pruning.
In the off-season, proper maintenance is just as important. Winter in Potomac is a time for planning ahead, getting tidy before the snow comes in, and figuring out a winter landscape maintenance routing. From raking leaves to aerating, there’s lots to be done in the offseason.

Plan Ahead

An essential, and often overlooked, part of landscaping maintenance is just the simple act of planning ahead. To be properly prepared, we at Potomac’s Johnson’s Landscaping Service, have all the materials and the vision to learn from last year and plan for the year to come with planting times and spacing for optimal growth.

Tidy Up at the End of the Season

When the growing season is done, and you put away your grill and say goodbye to outdoor living, it is tempting to close your doors on your hard-earned landscaped yard until next year. This is where we come in. There is a lot of work to be done at the end of the season before winter hits in Potomac to get it in tip top shape for next year. Pushing it off until spring can cause lasting harm in the seasons to come. We will make sure all of the end-of-season landscaping maintenance gets done thoroughly, from raking the lawn and weeding, to keeping an eye out for unwanted pests and dead spots in your lawn. When you leave the maintenance up to the experts you don’t have to worry about this seasonal transition and can rest assured your hard work won’t go to waste.

Do you want the yard that is envy of all in the Potomac region? Call us for landscaping maintenance and you can have the greenest grass in the neighborhood once and for all.


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