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The same scene plays out on almost every block. You know the one. Homeowner invests in beautiful, complex landscaping, perhaps in a modern style. Local plants, new walkway, the whole nine yards. The next year, it still looks good, but some plants didn’t survive and the rain is rough on the gravel and soil. By 5 years out, the place looks a mess. You ask, what was it all for?

Landscapes are living, changing ecosystems. Well-designed, well-maintained landscaping matures as it ages, growing and evolving in its beauty. Landscaping is vulnerable to the elements, just as mountains, deserts and shorelines are affected by ice, wind and water. In Rockville, the variability of the climate from season to season can pose a challenge. Rockville gets 4 more inches of precipitation per year than the U.S. average, while snow and ice can have significant impact through freeze-thaw. 

In this article, we’ll look at what it takes to maintain landscaping in Rockville to support healthy aging. Topics include pruning, raking, seeding, mulching, and other techniques to promote plant life. With worry-free landscaping maintenance from Johnson’s Landscaping, you can rest assured that your home will continue to look beautiful, no matter the season. 

Basics of Landscape Maintenance in Rockville

The different elements and timing around landscape maintenance can prove difficult to organize and manage. Lawn care represents a major element and requires removing organic debris and re-seeding grass consistently. Trees and shrubs require pruning and watering to continue to grow and flower. All plant life must also be checked for pests and diseases. Finally, preparing for the changing of seasons, especially before and after winter, ensures that your landscape comes back looking even better than it did before.

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Lawn Care in Rockville

Rockville, with its cold winters and hot, humid summers, requires careful thought to which grasses will thrive and what they need to do so. More, variations in sun, soil type, and traffic affect the best seed to plant. Lawn care often requires active monitoring of soil pH and nutrients in order to give the turf the best possible growing conditions. As lawns age, they will need aeration to decrease soil compaction and allow seeds and nutrients to enter the soil. Fertilization, while often overused to the detriment of local ecosystems, may be necessary and effective if used responsibly. Seeding can be important for restoring patchy spots or other problem areas. Finally, proper watering and drainage are essential in lawn care to supply the right amount of moisture, which can be tricky in a place like Rockville.

Trees and Shrubs

As is the case in lawn care, trees and shrubs need effective irrigation and watering. This is especially important for newly-established plants and before winter. Also like lawns, trees and shrubs need the right amount of water applied at the right time with the right amount of drainage. Keeping track of soil moisture is critical to ensure plants are getting the correct amount of moisture. This also demands specific knowledge about each plant’s water needs. Unlike lawns, trees and shrubs often benefit from mulch, or shredded wood. Mulch is very good at retaining soil moisture while preventing weeds and erosion. The types and amounts of mulch will depend on the specifics of the landscaping. Pruning also constitutes an integral part of landscape maintenance. Pruning is the act of removing parts of a tree or shrub in order to stimulate growth and prevent plant disease and injury.

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trees and shrubs in a garden

Preparing for Seasonal Change

Perhaps the most labor intensive yet most crucial part of landscape maintenance is the preparation for the coming and going of winter. In Rockville, drastic changes in temperature and precipitation mean plants must cope with dramatically different conditions. Many trees and shrubs benefit from heavy watering before the coming of the cold weather. Fall fertilization can also be useful. Meanwhile, spring is the time to prepare flower beds by tilling and adding compost and an important time to get a jumpstart on weed control. Finally, the growing condition itself presents challenges such as drought, insects, diseases and weeds. At Johnson’s Landscaping, we tailor our maintenance plans to Rockville’s climate so your landscaping can survive and thrive.

Trust the Pros at Johnson’s Landscaping

Whether it’s lawn care, removing leaves, or fixing irrigation, the experts at Johnson’s have been doing it for years. First founded in 1933, we have provided quality landscaping services to D.C. and Maryland for decades. As a family business, we take pride in our work and rely on continued trust from our customers. All of our experts possess a deep knowledge of the area and the experience to know what works in the long run. In landscape maintenance, this means continuing to care for your plants and lawn to build a healthy, dynamic landscape. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our landscape professionals.

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