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Lose the Boring Concrete and Create Curb Appeal!

Dec 22, 2009 | Services

By Ryan Sarvis, Landscape Designer
Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc.


Many Washington, DC area homes include beautiful architectural features and manicured landscapes.  Unfortunately, many times these houses have “boring” concrete walkways and stoops that detract from the beauty and value of the home.  The thought of redoing your entire walkway can be overwhelming and confusing to a homeowner.

There are many options when changing your stoop and/or walkway that does not require demolition and hauling of your existing concrete.  A low cost option that provides a great final product is to veneer stone on the walkway with a thin layer of Portland cement.  You can install Pennsylvania blue flagstone, brick, pavers, and other flagstone types. If the existing concrete is in good shape, the new veneered walkway will last for many years to come.

The freeze thaw cycles that occur in our area are the biggest downfall to concrete, so when we install a more durable product on the concrete it greatly extends the life of the concrete.  The face of the steps or stoop can also be veneered with brick or wall stone to match existing stone on your home or in your landscape.

We would like the opportunity to explore options that can dramatically change the curb appeal of your home.  The professionally trained stone masonry crews of Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc. have years of experience in installing these types of walkways.

Contact Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc. today (www.jlsinc.net), and take advantage of our holiday and winter discounts.

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