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Since its founding in 1960, Johnson Landscaping Services, Inc. has served homeowners and small businesses in and around the beautiful town of Olney, Maryland. The family-run business is committed to providing top-quality landscaping services at affordable prices. We offer landscaping services to Montgomery County, Howard County, Northwest D.C., and Northeast D.C. Our team of landscape designers is very knowledgeable about the area and creates designs with the local landscape and climate in mind.

Whether you have a defined vision for how you want your landscape to look or aren’t sure what you want, our team of qualified design experts can help come up with the perfect plan. We will work with your interests, needs, and budget to develop a landscape that complements the beauty of your home and meets all of your preferences. We’ve even developed our 5-step process to help us individualize our service. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call today.

Olney’s Historic Charm & Beauty

At Johnson Landscaping Services, Inc., we recognize the beauty and charm of Olney, Maryland. Located in the north-central part of Montgomery County, just 20 miles north of Washington, D.C., Olney has the colonial, small-town charm characteristic of suburban Maryland, along with the stateliness and sophistication associated with Washington.

The town has a long history of charm. Established in 1800, Olney was named after the historic Olney House, which itself got its name from the English poet, William Cowper, who lived in Olney, England. Influenced by its colonial roots and southern location, Olney became a charming small town. During the Civil War, Olney was one of the towns frequented by both Union and Confederate forces. In 1963, for example, Confederate general J. E. B. Stuart and his 15,000 troops raided the town for supplies on the way to the Battle of Gettysburg.

Olney has grown to become a booming residential suburb of Washington, but it still retains its individual historical and cultural significance. The historic Olney House still stands and operates as an alehouse on the east edge of town. It is also home to the Sandy Spring Museum and Woodlawn Manor Living History Museum, as well as the yearly “Olney Days” festival.

trees and shrubs in a garden

Complementing Olney’s Suburban Landscape

Johnson Landscaping Services, Inc. is proud to serve Olney and the surrounding area. Our expert landscaping designers believe the unique blend of colonial and southern culture presents an opportunity for compelling landscapes. Many homes in the Olney area have a proud, old-time look to them, often matching red brick with white wood and gray roofs and colorful shudders. Many homes also have lush lawns with a few pines or oak trees, and gardens are lush with colorful perennials.

We work with your home’s architecture to create a complementary landscaping design. We want the landscape to match the beauty of your home’s architecture and the surrounding landscape. Whether you want to completely revamp your yard’s landscaping or add a new patio or walkway, our experts will work with you to create the perfect custom design.

Taking Advantage of Olney’s Lush Climate

Olney and the surrounding area have a humid, lush climate, thanks to the nearby Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Summers are warm and winters are mild. Olney reaches an average high of 88.4 degrees Fahrenheit in July, and in January, the average low is 28.6 degrees. Olney has plenty of sunny days in the summer, but rain is also fairly frequent. On average, Olney experiences 114 days of rain, with a total of about 39 inches of precipitation per year.

Olney’s lush, mild climate offers an excellent opportunity for homeowners hoping to incorporate some greenery into their yards. Lawns tend to be green and full, and there is a wide range of options for homeowners who want trees and flowering plants. At Johnson Landscaping Services, Inc., our team of landscapers are experts when it comes to understanding the local climate. We will be able to answer any questions regarding what to plant, and we can find the right plants for any yard.

Garden with stone walkway, trees, and pond

Creating the Right Landscape for Olney’s Native Plants

If you would like to incorporate native plants into your landscape, you are in luck. Olney has many beautiful plant species native to the area. For example, the threadleaf bluestar is a perennial plant with steel-blue flowers that bloom in May and June. The Virginia creeper is a native vine with dark green leaves that turn red in the autumn.

If you are looking to bring some color to your yard with native trees, the Eastern redwood is an excellent choice. It produces lavender-colored flowers in the spring, followed by bright, lime green leaves in the summer. In the fall, the leaves turn orange, yellow, and gold. Another colorful native tree is the flowering dogwood, which is iconic to the Washington D.C. area and produces beautiful white or pink flowers.

The Advantages of Native Plants

Not surprisingly, introducing native plants into your landscape has several advantages. Since they are well-accustomed to the local climate, they tend to grow better and need less water and other added nutrients to thrive. Native plants are also less susceptible to pests and diseases that might affect non-native species. With native plants, you’ll be spending less time and money giving your plants water, nutrients, and pesticides.

In addition to benefiting your yard, native plants can do a lot to protect the environment in Olney. Native plants help fight against invasive plants that threaten the habitats of some native plant and animal species. In particular, they shelter local bird species that depend on certain native plant species for habitat and food.

Custom Landscape Design for Olney with our 5-Step Process

Johnson Landscaping Services, Inc. uses a unique 5-step process to ensure our customers get the yard they have always dreamed of. First, we meet with the homeowners to discuss their needs, desires, and budget. Next, we design a custom plan based on our discussion and present the blueprint to the homeowners. Third, we receive feedback from the client and make adjustments. Afterward, our team of experts makes the design a reality. Finally, we review the project and design a custom maintenance plan to make sure the new landscape retains its beauty.

With this plan, we make sure our customers have a leading role in the way their yard looks. Ensuring you get exactly what you want is our No. `1 priority. Whether you are looking to create spaces to entertain guests or rock gardens to reduce erosion from rain runoff or plant native plants to improve the environment, we will give you the practical solutions to meeting all of your needs and desires.


The first step of the process? Meet. During the initial meeting, you will connect with our landscape designers in Olney to give them an idea of what you want, the scope of the project, and what you are willing to invest. This introductory meeting with our team members will allow us to start to brainstorm how we can pull inspiration from all of the great and unique aspects of Olney and put it into a landscape design that suits your tastes.


After the initial meeting and after receiving your custom proposal, the experts that make up our landscape design team will begin to make a plan that will bring your dream landscape a reality. This process entails the team digging deep into your ideas and offering suggestions to bring your vision to life.


The discussion step of the process allows you to look at the plan that has been designed by our team, ask questions, give feedback, and make any necessary adjustments. This step ensures that both you and our team are on the same page as we move forward with the installation and that you are pleased with the blueprint for your new and improved Olney landscape.


Finally, we reach the installation phase of the process! Our expert teams install your landscaping plan to perfection and within the designated time frame. We want to make this process as effortless as possible for you, so sit back and relax while we give your landscape the makeover of your dreams! You may consider enjoying all that Olney has to offer while we work on the project.


After we are done with the installation, you will want to make sure that your landscape is up to the standards of charming and beautiful Olney. This is both long-term and short-term. Immediately after installation, you and our team will review the project in addition to creating a tailored site maintenance plan.
Outdoor Lighting

Lighting Your New Landscape

After putting all the thought you did into creating your new landscape, you’ll probably want to add some lighting to it so that you and your family and guests will be able to enjoy it, even at night. Some well-placed lights will allow you to spend time on your patio or in your yard when it’s dark outside, or else enjoy the garden from the window. Lighting can also do a lot to accent certain parts of your yard, adding to its overall beauty.

Good lighting will also help protect your property by discouraging potential trespassers and robbers from entering your yard. It will also keep you and your guests safe while walking through the yard at night, especially if your yard contains obstacles like rocks or ponds. It’s also essential to have lighting if you have an outdoor staircase, where poor lighting could result in a serious injury.

Bringing the Olney Community Together Through Landscaping

Many of our landscaping designs are created to bring people together. This is especially important for a close-knit residential community like Olney, where many families and homeowners know each other and spend time in each other’s houses. At Johnson Landscaping Services, Inc., we want to create outdoor spaces that make people eager to host parties and family gatherings in the natural beauty of their yard.

If creating inviting outdoor spaces is a priority for you, we offer a host of landscaping solutions to make it happen. Patios, for example, provide an excellent way to expand your living space outdoors. They offer a chance to put tables, chairs, a barbeque, a fireplace, or even an outdoor kitchen or bar. With a new stone patio, you will be able to relax and read a book in the great outdoors or host a party under the stars. The opportunities are endless.


We also offer decks and gazebos for homeowners who would prefer wood over stone. A wood deck or gazebo has a natural and inviting look that provides a peaceful and picturesque space for you and your family or friends to spend time in your yard. Our carpentry team also offers custom-built items like pergolas, arbors, and trellises. Regardless of what elements you choose to incorporate into your outdoor space, we will work with you to make sure it enhances the beauty and charm of your home and the surrounding community of Olney.

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