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Outdoor Landscape Design: Enjoy a Winter Wonderland | Silver Spring, MD

Nov 15, 2014 | Lawns, Pavement

During spring and summer, it may seem pretty easy to create an appealing landscape outside, especially with the amount of furniture offered for outdoor activity. However, when it comes to outdoor landscape design in wintertime, homeowners often skip the backyard for most of the season and come back later.

Although it may not be as easy to get your landscape looking great in the winter, you can accomplish this goal by making several decisions that help make it easier to succeed.


Mesh Hardscape with Landscape

It is not possible for everything to grow in the wintertime, so you need to take advantage of hardscape to really polish the look of your outdoor space. Adding a simple or elegant bench can make an enormous difference, and trellises look very nice, even when surrounded by naked trees.


Don’t Forget Evergreens

Since it looks good to have some greenery in your backyard during wintertime, you should not forget to grow evergreens throughout the landscape. However, just because many evergreens come in green, you can actually choose from a multitude of colors including blue and yellow.


Rely on Year-Round Perennials

In order to keep your landscape lively throughout the year, you need to invest in four-season perennials, or just choose them over all of your other options. Getting these perennials allows you to enjoy foliage for the entire year, and they are generally easier to care for compared to other perennials.

Making your outdoor landscape beautiful has a lot to do with knowledge, and then applying this knowledge to ensure your yard not only looks great in the wintertime, but every other season, as well.

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