Don’t Replace Your Patio, Rehab It

  • Your patio will look like new again
  • Add curb appeal
  • Prolong your patio’s lifespan
  • Typically 1/3 the price of a new patio


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The Advantages of Patio Rehab

  • A patio that’s like new
  • Save money over big renovations
  • Repair damage
  • Add stability
  • Restore colors
  • Love the look of your property again

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The Innovative Patio Rehab Process Will:

Fill Gaps
Remove Stains
Fix Cracks
Kill Weeds & Mildew
Seal for Long-lasting Protection

“It Looks New!”

“Excellent and professional service. The work is done with care and you can tell that the team really cares about doing a good job. We have a 10 year old patio that went through the rehab process and it looks new! Very happy with this business.”

Marlene S.

How Does It Work?

Our innovative patio rehab process renews your patio and gives it protection for years to come. After we repair any large cracks or settling of your patio or walkway, the process begins:

Step 1: Pressure Cleaning.
We remove the top layer of dirt and debris.

Step 2: Penetrating Hot Steam Wash.
Our deep-penetrating cleaning machines remove stains from patio.

Step 3: Sweep & Compact.
We sweep in joint sand and compact it, so the patio or walkway retains its integrity. 

Step 4: Seal.
Our color-enhancing, joint stabilizing sealer locks in great color for years.

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