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Rock Garden Landscaping for Difficult Areas | Kensington, MD

Aug 1, 2014 | Pavement

What is a bare scrubby mound area littered with a few scraggly plants hoping for a better life?

A potential Rock Garden just waiting for it’s turn.

We’ve all had those balding patches in our yards, ne’er-do-well areas that can’t seem to get anywhere no matter how much fertilizer we add or babying we offer. They drive us nuts strategizing over plants, mulching, and any quick fix we can dream up.

But the answer is obvious. These areas are born for rock garden landscaping.

Why? What? How come?

Rocks are amazing. These guys are your garden’s best friends. They are instant insulators against all weather, holding heat like nothing else can, shielding against wind, protecting roots against hot drying weather, offering warmth in winter, and a supporting structure to creep over.

Rocks are a beautiful natural addition to the garden that can create design, drama and a friendly clime for those scraggly little plant guys you are fed up dealing with. Done right they can be a beautiful transition from your driveway to your front garden, from your patio to your gardenscape, or to enliven and beautify that sidewalk strip area.

Have a space of ill content? Rock Garden that baby up. Better yet have it designed, expanded, and utilize that space for transition from your hardscape into your landscaping.

And what better place to have help out the issue than a company with a history of over half a century of top expertise doing just this? Johnson Landscaping Service has been helping neighbors create beautiful top quality landscapes since 1960. Contact us today for ideas.

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