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So you’ve finally achieved it. You’ve made that dream come true. You’ve landed a piece of commercial property for your business, and that business? Well, it’s booming. People love what you’ve built. You’ve become a part of their daily and weekly routines. They’ve come to expect your business’s presence in their life, and what’s more, they rely on it. But then, the weather changes. Temperature drops. Winds pick up. Dark clouds bring snow, and snow brings ice. Suddenly, the sidewalk is a gamble at best. Your parking lot is choked with snow. Business slows and threatens to stop.

Are you going to let mother nature run you out of business? No! You’re going to call Johnson’s Landscaping Service and make use of our Commercial Snow Removal.

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Experienced Customer Service Experts

Johnson’s has over 60 years of experience as a company, and we’ve become a family tradition with a commitment to quality that we are proud to stand by. We’re bringing every year of that experience and every ounce of that commitment to bear when it comes to clearing the snow that’s inconveniencing your customers and endangering your business.

With our experts on the job, you are free to relax, knowing that you’re in good hands that can guarantee an end result you are completely satisfied with.

We’ll work with you to make sure the communication between us is clear and direct so that we can meet your needs exactly as you articulate them. You’ll never have to worry about unclear arrival times or be confused about what services are being performed. At Johnson’s, we value the trust of our customers over everything, and we will always make good on that trust.

Flooded lawn with bad drainage
Flooded lawn with bad drainage

Don’t Let Snow Frustrate You

You may have heard the old chestnut that the Inuit language contains as many as 40 to 50 words for snow. That’s no accident; winter weather contains multitudes that can easily frustrate someone who previously thought they were prepared.

At Johnson’s, we know that even a simple-seeming process like clearing snow and ice can be deceptively complex, whether you’re dealing with freshly fallen powder, a thick ice crust, wet slush, or invisible and invisible and treacherous black ice. No matter the circumstances, we’ve accounted for them, and our experienced staff has been trained with every tool needed to leave your walkway or parking lot clear and safe for foot or vehicle traffic. There’s no twist that winter can throw at us that we aren’t perfectly prepared for, be that quick-freezing rain, a sudden blizzard, or brutal hail. Whatever the weather, your business will be safe and easily accessible by your customers.

The Safer Snow Removal Option

While you can do some tasks like raking leaves or mowing lawns with a few extra hours on your hands, when it comes to snow and ice removal, even a slight misstep or clumsy movement can result in serious injury! A fall onto hard, ice-covered cement is no joke, and you could end up with a sprain, torn ligaments, or even a slipped disk!

And even if you’re prepared to take that risk, are your customers? An injured customer is a disaster for any business; even if it’s not your fault, they’re likely to take issue with you, and may even escalate to litigation!

Don’t let things become a crisis over snow and ice, and don’t underestimate the dangers of those winter threats. That’s why it’s important that you make that phone call to Johnson’s. Sit back, relax, and before you know it, the path to your business will once again be clear, and you can be confident in the safety of yourself and your customers.

Flooded lawn with bad drainage
Flooded lawn with bad drainage

A Better-Looking Business

In addition to safety concerns, there’s aesthetic ones to consider. Sure, freshly fallen snow may look beautiful, conjuring up images of a peaceful winter wonderland, but just wait a few hours. Especially in a heavily trafficked commercial area, grit and salt will quickly blend with melting snow to become a hideous gray slush, and once that mess freezes over, it’s not only ugly but dangerous as well.

A bank of dirty snow obscuring your storefront is the last thing you want a customer to be confronted with, especially if it poses an obstacle to them reaching your door. Don’t let your carefully curated appearance be ruined by inclement weather!

A beautiful storefront is no good if nobody can see it, and to let your good taste and judgment get snowed out would be a colossal waste. Johnson’s Snow Removal will ensure that the winter only ever blesses your business with a festive holiday look.

Snow Removal Experts Standing By

What’s more, you won’t have long to wait! Between our experienced staff, expertly selected and maintained equipment, and extensive body of knowledge. It’ll blend into the background just as much as the weather itself; you won’t have to worry about managing a thing in order to enjoy the benefits of a well kept walkway and parking lot. Within a couple of hours, it’ll be as though there was never snow at all.

Our speed doesn’t compromise our quality, however. With Johnson’s, no corners are cut, ever. We can promise both quickness and quality because we’ve got the experience and expertise to back up our work.

While the ice, snow, and sleet of winter may pose a significant threat to your business’s safety, accessibility, and appearance, Johnson’s Landscaping stands ready to meet and surpass each challenge with speed, professionalism, and talent.

Flooded lawn with bad drainage

Trust Johnson’s for Commercial Snow Removal

We don’t boast idly, either. Our client base speaks for us. Built up over 60 years of dedicated service and clear communication leading to expert results tailor-made to suit your businesses specific needs, people in Montgomery County, Howard County, and Northwest D.C have come to trust and rely on Johnson’s Landscaping, and we are proud to bring that reputation to snow removal, so that we can continue to provide services to you year-round.

So when that first snowfall of the year arrives, enjoy it! You’ll have no need to fear the extreme weather of the coming months with Johnson’s Landscaping on call.


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