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When you move to a new home, you don’t expect to have drainage problems. But, the truth is they can happen a lot in places where the land is flat. Drainage problems can also occur if the soil is dense or in areas with a high water table.

As you can imagine, designing a proper drainage system in such scenarios is crucial. In fact, it’s a priority that you must take care of sooner rather than later! Here at Johnson’s Landscaping Services, we can design and build you a drainage system.

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How Can I Find Out if I Have Drainage Problems in my Yard?

When a topographical map gets made, designers can tell the source of problems. That’s because their computer software can track spot elevations.

Another source of yard drainage problems is groundwater. You might not realize it, but the amount of rain that occurs in your area will affect your groundwater. For example, take low-lying areas. The water table can sometimes be a mere couple of inches or so below the surface!

As you can appreciate, that in itself creates all kinds of issues for construction work. The ultimate solution, of course, is to live somewhere that seldom has any rain. But, that isn’t always an option! So, what happens when a period of heavy rain occurs?

Flooded lawn with bad drainage

The Science Behind Groundwater

When a large body of water cannot penetrate the ground quick enough, it causes pooling. Or, as most people call it: flooding. Yards that have poor drainage will flood just as bad as ones that have no drainage at all.

Heavy rainfall will make the situation go from bad to worse. It can cause all kinds of problems, such as structural defects and even sinkholes to appear!

If you want to find out what’s going on in your yard, there’s a low-level test that you can perform. First of all, you will need to dig a hole in your yard around two feet deep and wide. Next, fill the hole you just dug with water!

Has the water drained away within 60 minutes? If it has, you don’t have any drainage problems. But, if it takes a few hours to go down, it’s time to call in the experts.

Johnson’s Landscaping Services can locate the source of the problem. We can then give you some options on how to fix it. The following is a list of common issues and how we can help you to resolve them.

Surface Water

Solved by Surface Drainage

Do you live in an area that has clay soil? If so, both you and your neighbors will suffer from drainage problems. When homes get built, they get graded to allow surface water to drain away. The water gets directed to a curb or storm water drain.

There are two options for surface drainage in your yard. The first is to work with the existing gradient of your home. And, the second is to use an underground drainage solution.

The latter option involves creating a large underground “soakaway.” That’s where water filters down at a slow pace.

a soakaway as a drainage solution

High Water Table

Solved by Raising the Ground

Is the issue at your yard down to a high water table? Perhaps the most common route to resolve it is by raising the ground level! The only caveat is that it’s an expensive option.

Another possible solution is to let nature give you a helping hand. You could get plants that love to absorb water and work well in your area.

cutting drainage pipes

Hardpan Clay Layer

Solved by Underground Drainage

Is the clay situation quite bad in your neighborhood? If so, gradient drainage systems aren’t ideal in such scenarios because of the cost. A common solution is to opt for an underground drainage system.

In layman’s terms, it involves digging a trench to create a network of underground pipes. Those pipes can then move water away from your yard and into a stormwater drain.

Next Steps…

Give Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc. a call to diagnose your yard drainage problems. We can then give you some options to resolve them and make your yard drier for longer!

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