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Does your garden need a facelift? Does your home lack curb appeal? Do you wish you had a relaxing koi pond to come home to every day? If so, you need landscape design experts to spruce up your space. Our design team has over a century of experience! They can create a unique vista that catches the eye of anyone who sees it.

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Delighting Clients Since 1960

Johnson’s Landscaping relies on repeat business. If we didn’t wow our clients with our landscape design, we couldn’t keep going for generations.

“The finished product looks great!”

Matt was very responsive and easy to work with. His team was professional, on time, and happy to answer questions and discuss change requests. The finished product looks great as well!

Joanna B.

“Top notch”

The team is always prompt and professional. They have done multiple projects for us and are top notch

Art S.

Great service is in our DNA. We focus intently on meeting your needs. That’s why our 5 Step Process ensures open communication throughout.

5 Steps To Great Landscape Design

Our 5 Step Process means your voice will be heard.


We begin with a consultation. You meet your landscape designer. They listen to your needs and give you preliminary options. At this stage, we find out if we’re a good fit for the job. And we talk about your investment level.

Couple meeting with Landscaper
Drawing of landscaping plan


Next, our landscape design expert builds a detailed plan based on your instructions. They will account for the unique features of your landscape. They know how to work around limitations like poor drainage or small yards. And they have the experience to keep costs in line.


After that, we present you the proposal and get your feedback. This is the point where we make absolutely sure we’ll do everything you want. Once we agree we have the right plan, you sign the contract and we schedule the work.

Woman and man discussing landscaping project
Main installing landscape pavers


Then our expert installation teams get to work. Our highly trained landscapers get the job done right, on time and on budget.


Last, we review the finished product with you to make sure you’re happy. We will give you a maintenance plan to keep your new landscape looking great, even years later.

man trimming hedges

Gorgeous Garden Design

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “landscape design”? Planting. It’s our first priority, too! Your plants define your landscape.

And your most important plants are the ones that fill your gardens. They set the tone for your landscape design. Plus, you’ll spend most of your gardening time with those plants. These decisions are critical.

Our horticulture experts are adept at designing a wide range of garden styles — from intimate to expansive, from native flora and fauna to exotic imports. They’ll take your vision and create a unique look you’ll love for years to come.

“They definitely pay attention to detail.”

Johnson’s always does a great job. They completely designed our backyard, including landscaping and patio, and we were thrilled. They definitely pay attention to detail.

Amy G.

Planting Flower Gardens

Often, our teams plant flowers as a first step for hobbyists. We kickstart a flower garden so that you can keep it looking great. You can enjoy caring for your blooming bounty without having to painstakingly research soils and varieties and geographic limitations. Your hobby garden will start on the right foot.

Our landscape designers can talk with you about your garden goals and the environment the garden will live in. We take into account available sunlight, rainfall, soil composition and more as we design your garden.


Backyard landscaping with stone pavers and flowers
Backyard with wooden steps, mulched area, and plantings

No-Maintenance Landscape Designs

We also frequently plant no-maintenance landscaping. You may want a great look that you don’t have to fuss with.

We get that. You work hard. If you hate gardening, why spend your precious free time gardening?

We can build beautiful gardens that you won’t have to spend a second maintaining. Lots of ground cover, small trees or even dry creek beds can cut down on your weeding and mowing. We have the expertise to know how.

You’ll have stunning curb appeal and more time to spend with family and friends.

The Landscape Design Works

For clients who want to take another step up in service, we can plant trees, gardens, hedges, topiaries, the whole nine yards. We can take our projects to another level because we offer excellent, affordable maintenance plans. If we planted a rain forest in your front yard, our technicians could keep it alive.

So think outside the box. Our gardeners will do everything they can to make your garden vision a reality.

Patio with stone fireplace, pond, and grass area
Patio with furniture

Working With Limitations

We all wish we had more space. But in Northwest DC and Montgomery County, we don’t always have that luxury. Our landscape design team can make small spaces seem like luxurious expanses.

We also know how to account for drainage. Water management is critical in our area. Our entire design team holds college degrees in the field. We have that standard because landscaping designed poorly can do serious damage. Flooding can ruin your gardens. Standing water can attract disease-carrying insects. Poor drainage can even ruin your foundation. Our well-trained experts will protect you from these potential disasters.

“Johnson’s was a delight to work with.”

We could not have been more pleased with our experience. They are so professional. The crew left the house immaculate. Jamie is so hands-on and responsive. Johnson’s was a delight to work with. I highly recommend Johnson’s landscaping service.

Amy T.

Unwind With A Water Feature

A fountain, waterfall or koi pond makes your landscaping stand out. These bold features give your yard an obvious focal point to build around. You’ll love spending time relaxing next to the running water or feeding your koi.

When you think water features, you should think home value. The water features we design are beloved parts of the yard that potential buyers can’t stop talking about. 

Our water features experts can design a range of possibilities. We can design grand fountains or tiny birdbaths. Either way, you get impeccable value, quality and customer service.


Looking for an emphatic centerpiece for your yard? A waterfall makes a statement. Even a small waterfall brings that soothing sound of water hitting water.

A waterfall expands your outdoor living space. You get more useable back yard for your buck.

Typically, designers use natural slopes to create the waterfall, but we can also build berms for clients with flat yards. All you need is space for water to cascade down, a pond to hold it and a pump to send water back to the top.

Waterfalls need little to no maintenance. Bacteria won’t grow because the water recirculates. And the water needed to fill the pond is just about all the water it requires, for good.

Outdoor stone waterfall water feature
Outdoor stone fountain water feature


Fountains can play a number of roles. Their strength lies in their versatility. We can build them in a wide variety of materials, styles, and sizes. No matter your landscaping, you can have a fountain that blends in.

Our clients usually want spouting fountains. Water pumps from a reservoir below out a spout higher up. It’s a classic for a reason, and it’s hard to go wrong with a spouting fountain.

We also build drip fountains, where water cascades through the feature. These give a more natural look, like a stream trickling through rocks. If you want to make that look even more natural, we can hide the reservoir. Pondless fountains usually sport a base of permeable rocks that cover the reservoir.

Koi Ponds

One of the most relaxing water features we add is a koi pond. You can’t understate the effect of a koi pond. It transcends decoration and turns your backyard into a habitat.

You share your private retreat with tranquil fish that spend their lives there. Quiet contemplation comes easily through the ritual of daily feeding. A koi pond gives your backyard a harmony that’s hard to get any other way.

We can also winterize koi ponds. Freezing ice on the surface of your pond can cut the fish off from the oxygen they need. That’s why we typically pair our koi ponds with waterfalls. They agitate the water, keeping it from freezing over, and aerate it as well.

Dark stone outdoor water feature
Sunflowers and greenery in front of decoratvie stone dry creek bed feature in backyard

Dry Creek Beds

Do you have drainage problems? Would you like to fill your yard with no-maintenance features that keep the weeds at bay? You may want to ask your landscape designer about a dry creek bed.

Dry creek beds hide function under wonderful form. In function, they’re like French drains. They zip water away from areas where your drainage isn’t cutting it.

In form, they give your yard naturalism that’s hard to match. On the surface, they look like a stream has cut through your yard deposited gravel and rocks. Instead of the artificiality of a drain, you get a feature that looks like it’s always been there. Dry creek beds blend so naturally that guests probably won’t even notice them.

Extra Landscape Design Features

We love to customize gardens. If you have a special request in mind, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our landscape designers want each project to be a unique expression of the client’s vision. Creative requests help make that happen.

We relish a challenge. If you have an out-there idea that you’ve been thinking about for years but always thought it couldn’t happen, let us know. You’d be surprised what we can make happen.


Arbors & Trellises

Clients love climbing plants and vines. They flower brilliantly, splashing color vertically across your garden. A trellis in the right spot maximizes your plant coverage. It’s a great way to add greenery when you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

If you have more space and a formal garden, we can install an arbor. Arbors use two trellises as the basis for a tunnel-like entrance to your garden. Climbing plants reach all the way overhead and form a living corridor to introduce your garden.

Wooden arbor in front of home
Outdoor rock garden and stone pathway

Rock Gardens

If you want a low maintenance feature that will look great all year, consider a rock garden. Alpine plants require no extra watering. In fact, rock gardens are favorites in harsh climates like deserts.

Rock gardens use combinations of flowering plants and fall foliage, so it will look great all the time. They also make your yard feel larger by emphasizing the open spaces rather than hemming things in with large plants. 


These distinctive features add much-needed variety to any backyard. Ask us about them today!


Exterior Lighting Design

Lights outdoors can add flair to your gardens by highlighting certain areas with spotlights. These naturally draw guests to focal points you want to feature. You can also create ambiance with diffuse, warm lighting. Lighting can be that final touch to tie a landscape together.

Lighting is a critical component of landscape design because it’s one of the few times we can completely control how a visitor sees a space. In the dark, the lighting forces the eye. 


Night time patio with lighting

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