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05/27/2023 11:28:14 PM


Nothing is more relaxing than having your very own paved outdoor living space. Patios can be made of stone, brick, or concrete laid into the surface of your yard. They create flat spaces that can host activities, backyard amenities, and furniture, such as fireplaces or tables and chairs. Based on what you are looking for, we can build your patio in whatever size and shape you want! Basically, patios provide a new surface for you to use to design the rest of your space.
View from wooden deck with chairs overlooking hot tub in stone patio
It is the perfect place to relax after work or to use as a gathering place for family and friends! Do you love barbeques? If so, you need to get a patio! Imagine having enough room to cook and host all your friends and family to eat a delicious barbeque meal. With a patio, this dream can become a reality!

Patios also make room for plants. You can build a gardener’s oasis on or even around your beautiful patio! For example, relax outside after work surrounded by flowers and maybe even a water feature. Imagine yourself laying in a hammock or on a swing and being one with nature. When was the last time you felt free and unconfined? Feeling unbound in nature is one of the best feelings. Walls or ceilings do not confine you.

“The Transformation is Something
for the Record Books!”

Charlie & team were exceptional to work with, we love our new patio! The transformation is something for the record books. Highly recommended!
– Michael J.

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What are the Advantages of Getting a Patio?

Patios can add some nice aesthetics to your backyard! They offer a clean and neat look because they easily organize a space for you to add more furniture. You can even choose your color! Having the freedom to choose your design allows the patio to complement the nearby structures in your backyard. For example, the patio can match the trim on your house or the color of your garage to tie all the aesthetics of your house together! We guarantee that we will find the right materials for you and your home. We can even make sure to customize your patio’s design if you have an idea of what you want on it. For instance, we can design to accommodate a fireplace, hot tub, grill, pool, and more.

Planting & Patio
Your patio will look healthy for years to come!

Patios also require little maintenance because they can be easily cleaned and swept to remove debris! To keep the surface of the patio clean, all you have to do is use a broom or a blower. Also, stains can be removed easily with simple remedies like soap and water. To provide an even longer life for your patio, you can choose to apply a sealant to weatherproof your patio further. With these few and simple maintenance steps, your patio will look healthy for years to come!

They are especially long-lasting because of the way they are built. Patios are created with layers of reinforced strength. This proves especially useful in yards that are shot through with tree roots. Don’t worry about those roots! Your patio will last for years to come. Its size and strength make it less prone to breaking and cracking while also providing defense from weathering and freeze-thaw. This makes them well-suited for all climate types and all seasons, able to withstand the repeated expansion and contraction of warming and cooling.

An often overlooked aspect of patios is that they provide safety. The surfaces we create prevent slipping and provide a pleasing yet grippable feel for you to walk and run on. This same texture preclude the impact of ice and frost. Patios also help you avoid splinters and sharp edges.


“The finished product is beautiful. We couldn’t be happier.”

Johnson’s designed and installed a new patio in our backyard this spring. They did an amazing job. At the first visit, Jamie Newell came over to give us a free quote and talk about patio design. After getting quotes from several other companies we were impressed with Jamie because he was detail-oriented, creative, and conscientious about what we were looking for in a new outdoor space. He also came back on a second occasion to discuss tweaks to the design. The work then began a few weeks earlier than expected, which was a very pleasant surprise, and the crew did an absolutely amazing job. They were courteous, reliable, and very detail-oriented. The finished product is beautiful. We couldn’t be happier. We would definitely use Johnson’s Landscaping again.
– Jennifer P.

chairs and table in flagstone patio
Perhaps the most crucial part about patios is that they do not harm our planet. Yes, patios are environmentally sustainable. Instead of simply remaining over the surface of patios to eventually overwhelm storm sewers, water can seep through the cracks of patios and into the soil beneath. This is useful because the soil filters water from pollutants. With this process, no extra chemicals will have been picked up by water. Alternatively, rainwater can replenish your plants and your yard in general as it filters through the soil along the way. This is essential in areas that have flood risks.

Do You Think Your Backyard is Too Small for a Patio?

Think again! We design many patios on small lot sizes. We can meet all of your needs by pinpointing exactly how we can make the most out of your small backyard. We know the right materials, right planting and water features, and right location for every part of your patio!

To create a small patio, we first need to nail down precise measurements. Since it is a small space, details are crucial. We also consider the size of your outdoor furniture because we want to make sure that your vision matches the space. Where we can, we always try to find ways to save space. For instance, instead of two chairs, we might suggest a bench to take their place that can also work as a storage compartment.

Then, we need you to decide why you want the patio in the first place. For example, if you are planning on using your patio mostly in the evening, we need to consider outdoor lighting and heating in your design. If you mostly want to use the patio during the day, we make sure to create a shady spot. We also take into consideration where the sun shines in the space to either avoid it or take advantage of it. We take care of every little detail associated with your patio!

chairs and table in flagstone patio

“The crew was professional and didn’t cut a single corner”

Johnson’s did a superb job excavating and building our backyard patio. From the start, Matt listened to our ideas and needs and helped design a beautiful backyard patio for our Washington, DC home. The crew was professional and didn’t cut a single corner. The final outcome is better than we imagined, with gorgeous pavers and up-lights on our trees. The work was finished quickly and professionally. We couldn’t be happier and we aim to work with Johnson’s in the future for our landscaping needs. Highly recommend!

– Nick G.

deck chairs on a pation near a pool

Why Should You Choose Us?

At Johnson’s Landscaping Service, we can work together to design a patio that suits exactly what you are looking for. Your ideas are our job! Why do you want a patio? If you want a space to host other people and entertain guests, we can create the perfect patio for social gatherings. If you want extra room for gardening and green space, we can design a patio that will blend with its natural surroundings to maximize the space for your plants and trees. What features already exist in your backyard space that could be enhanced by a patio? Our professionals can assess both your existing features as well as strategize what additions might improve your yard. We can add features that we specialize in, such as walkways, walls, drainage, fences, lighting, and more!

With Johnson’s, you’ll develop a 5-step plan for making these dreams a reality. We meet you and listen to your needs, plan how we will implement these desires into your specific space, discuss a particular proposal, install the plan and maintain the project for the duration of its life. We are your one-stop-shop for all your patio needs!

The 5-Step Patio Plan

Our process is perfectly designed to give you the patio you envision. Here is a list of steps that detail how intricate the process is. We want to ensure you have the perfect patio!


First, we find a time to have a phone call! We want to make sure we have an accurate feel for what you are looking for. We discuss various aspects about the patio you are visualizing, such as how big you want the patio to be, how much of your yard it will cover, and how long a flagstone walkway you would need.


Next up we want to make sure we create your dream patio in real life! A member of our design team visits the site for free! While the landscape designer scopes out the scene, they want to know exactly what you are looking for. They dig deep into your ideas and offer suggestions so that your patio is perfect!


After the planning visit, your personal landscape designer creates a proposal with a scope of work. They also estimate on materials and labor. The most important part of this step is that the designer gets to hear your feedback! Eventually, a detailed drawing of your new patio is made. Once the personalized draft is finalized, the landscape designer knows exactly what materials and labor is needed. This forms the basis for your contract.


The work finally begins once the contract is finalized! Our workers know precisely what you envision because of our detailed planning process. Get excited to have your dream patio!


After your brand new patio is installed, we review the project to make sure you are happy with it! However, the work does not end after the installation. We want to make sure you are continuously pleased with your patio, so our experts will recommend a maintenance program. This program will make sure your patio is always looking its best!

When you have decided to make your dream a reality, contact Johnson’s Landscaping Service to speak to our design team. We want to be with you every step of the way!

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