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Walkway Construction

Why Build a New Walkway?

Do you want to set your home apart from others in your neighborhood? Walkway landscaping is an often overlooked feature that can turn an ordinary front yard or backyard into an elegantly shaped space. Walkways can provide countless benefits to homeowners, such as raising curb appeal with aesthetics, getting to choose from a variety of options and adding variety to your home, being affordable, easy to maintain, and creating a safer space for you and your loved ones!
House walkway

“We are 100% Satisfied”

Johnson’s Landscaping took out a wall and the front steps to our house and replaced them with a beautiful stone wall and flagstone steps and pathway. The crew that did the work were tireless, despite the cold weather. They were very professional and took obvious pride in their work. We are 100% satisfied with the results and would hire Johnson’s again in a flash.
– John R.

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Curb Appeal

Walkways are a versatile way to add a distinctive design component to an otherwise ordinary yard. They can be used to surface a patio, garden area, front yard, or back yard! Since we offer such a large variety of materials, designs, colors, sizes, layouts, and patterns, you can even separate various areas of your walkway. For example, one design can be used for the grill cooking and dining area, and there can be a completely different design for the relaxing area. Johnson’s Landscaping knows how to make the front and back of your house complement each other and flow together seamlessly. We know which design elements work together so that your new walkway will not look choppy. We will listen to your ideas and discuss how we can bring your vision to life in an elegant way!

Walkways also allow room for creativity! A winding path can be created. This can lead people into the yard to encourage exploration of the outdoors or simply to get from one part of the yard to another. You can also decorate them and accent the path any way you want. Plants are a lovely example of this. They can be used to define the borders of a walkway. You can create different bundles of plants with differences in height to emphasize the walkway and make it enjoyable. For example, you can place some large flowering shrubs at the end of the walkway, one on each side, to lead toward your front door and point visitors in the right direction!

Flagstone walkway leading to the front entrance of a home
You can also line your walkway with a series of smaller plant groupings, such as flowers of various colors and varieties. This adds an elegant aesthetic to your walkway. Flowers can be artistically arranged along the way to create a bright and cheerful environment. To add a bit of mystery to your walkway, you can plant hedges along it to obscure the view beyond the next bend in the path. You can also take the sense of exploration a step further by planting taller, flowering plants, like roses and hollyhocks, and adding an archway with climbing vines such as clematis or honeysuckle. Other ideas include creating a walkway that can arch over a pond or adding a curve to the path and setting a bench into it to encourage walkers to pause, sit and admire the beauty of your backyard.

“They left my property neat and in excellent condition.”

Johnson’s Landscaping has done several projects in my yard over the time we’ve been here, including digging gardens, installing flagstone walkways and field stone retaining walls, hedge trimming, and tree removal. Most recently, they replaced some underground drainage that had become clogged with roots over the years. As usual, they did an excellent job. They left my property neat and in excellent condition. Thanks!
– Anne C.

Paved walkway in yard leading to wooden gate


With Johnson’s Landscaping, you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of options. We can work with you to design exactly what you are looking for. Walkways come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to fit any landscape design, and the choice is all yours! You can customize any walkway that fits your home best. For example, you can choose brick pavers to give your home a rustic look, or you can opt for a more sophisticated, charming walkway made out of smooth river stones. Paver walkways are also an option, as they beautifully define the path from the street to your front door, creating an inviting route for friends and neighbors. The shape of your walkway can also vary. This depends on what the walkway will be used for. For instance, if the walkway connects the sidewalk or driveway to the front door, it should be straight or slightly curved. However, a walkway through a larger area, such as a backyard, could be more curved to showcase different points of interest. Whether in a straight line or a graceful curve, walkways have countless benefits.


Although walkways come in a wide variety of price ranges, for the most part, there are great options for any budget! Each material is different, and we ensure that homeowners are able to find something to fit their budget, as well as their style, by offering various walkway building materials. Walkways are also affordable because, especially with Johnson’s Landscaping, they last long. An extra benefit is that installing a walkway can add value to your home for any potential buyers.

Stone walkway leading through front yard to a brick house
flagstone walkway and plantings near a pool


Walkways are also extremely low-maintenance. All they need is some occasional sweeping and pressure washing. In addition, if damaged, Johnson’s Landscaping can quickly fix your walkway for you! It is easy because all we have to do is replace a single damaged piece instead of the whole sidewalk. Two very low maintenance materials are flagstones and pavers, and we offer both! They are cheaper options, in the long run, so you will not have to worry about having to pay for costly repair work.


Are you looking for a stable surface for your loved ones to walk on? Walkways are a safe option that provide security by being extremely sturdy and easy to walk on. They are also very useful for children. Walkways can teach them what areas on the property are safer and what areas are off-limits. It can also be used as a smooth surface for your child to play on. Imagine teaching your child how to ride a bike without the fear of surrounding cars! It is also easier to transport items, either on a cart or by carrying them, without potential obstacles in the way.

A reservation many people have with walkways is that they can become slippery when wet. However, we want your children and elderly family members to be as safe as possible! We offer slip-resistant materials, such as pavers, to provide a stable surface for your loved ones to walk on safely, even when the walkways are wet. Walkways can also be safe for your yard and the environment. If requested, we can use sand in between the joints of the material we use. This creates a permeable hard surface, allowing water to sink into the ground rather than run off into the sewers.

Flagstone walkway leading to the front entrance of a home

“Final product was very good.”

Obtained a few estimates to fix my walkway and chose Johnson’s because of their reputation and the options offered to do the job. Final product was very good. I recommend this company.
– Daniel D.

The 5-Step Walkway Plan

Our process is designed to give you the walkway you envision. Here is a list of steps that detail how intricate the process is. We want to ensure you have the perfect walkway!


First, we find time for a phone call! We want to make sure we have an accurate feel for the walkway you are looking for. We discuss various aspects about the walkway you are visualizing, such as how big you want it to be, how much of your yard it will cover, and how long a flagstone walkway you would need.

Couple meeting with Landscaper
Drawing of landscaping plan


Next up we want to make sure we create your walkway. A design team member visits the site. While the landscape designer scopes out the scene, they want to know exactly what you are looking for. They dig deep into your ideas and offer suggestions so that your walkway is perfect!


After the planning visit, your landscape designer creates a proposal with a scope of work. They also estimate on materials and labor. The most important part of this step is that the designer gets to hear your feedback! Eventually, a detailed drawing of your new walkway is made. Once the personalized draft is finalized, the landscape designer knows what materials and labor are needed.

Woman and man discussing landscaping project
Main installing landscape pavers


The work finally begins once the contract is finalized! Our workers know precisely what you envision because of our detailed planning process. Get excited to have your walkways project finished.


After your brand new walkway is installed, we review the project to make sure you are happy. The work does not end after the installation. We want to make sure you are continuously pleased with your walkway, so our experts will recommend maintenance.

man trimming hedges

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