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Solutions for Rain and Erosion

Sep 23, 2011 | Services

This September, folks in Northwest DC and Montgomery County, MD have experienced some incredible rain storms, and this brings on damage and erosion, and often issues of landscape drainage.  Coupled with the rains we always know we’ll be getting come Springtime, now is a great time to learn more about these common concerns.  The experts at Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc. know all about these problems, so read on to learn more!

Here are some solutions for rain and erosion:

  • Connecting your current gutter system to new drainpipes running underneath the ground and away from the house.
  • Building a retaining wall with drainage installed behind the wall.
  • Installing ground cover (which is great to mitigate against erosion!), such as pachysandra, periwinkle, or ornamental grass
  • Installing hillside boulders in between planting to mitigate against erosion and add natural beauty to your slope.
  • Installing channel drains and/or catch basins to catch the running water and direct it to connecting pipes running underground and away from the house.
  • Installing a sump pump connected to your drainage system for the water that is difficult to move away from the house.
  • Directing the water to a dry well in the back yard.  In essence, a dry well is a large hole filled with gravel which receives the water from the house and allows the water to dissipate through the ground, with no resulting erosion issues.  Oftentimes, the drywell is covered with soil and sod, so it is not apparent in the landscape.
  • Installing a dry creek river rock bed to allow the water to flow through potential erosion areas.  This river rock bed supports the mitigation of erosion and is aesthetically pleasing.

Have questions about erosion and your yard? Give Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc. a call at 301-740-8850 to learn about solutions for rain and erosion in Northwest, Washington, DC and Montgomery County, Maryland.

A Bethesda Home Uses Hillside Planting & Boulders and a River Rock Dry Creek Bed to Address Erosion

A stone path to prevent erosion


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