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Stone walls Bring New Life to Your Landscaping

Dec 1, 2021 | Pavement

Landscaping fashions have changed a lot over the years, and in many cases, a plain lawn can be a little too passe. If you’re looking for something to spice up your yard next year, consider adding stone walls to your landscaping. Walls in general are a very versatile part of any green or hardscape. Consider some of these concepts for your walls.

Raised Gardens or Planters

A short wall can easily be turned into a raised planter or garden, depending on your tastes, and a separate set of raised stone garden beds can really add sophisticated air to a large yard while making the best functional use of the space. You can also easily attach the raised planters to your backyard’s dividing walls to bring a bit of nature into a hardscape.

Retaining Walls

If your yard has a natural slope to it, combining retaining walls with planters makes for a very striking design. The walls naturally break up the landscape, while also accenting a stone staircase’s natural beauty and serving a functional purpose.

Accent Walls

With especially large yards, so much space can seem intimidating. Breaking the yard into smaller, more manageable spaces can turn a yard that seems too large into a charming collection of intimate spaces. In addition to breaking up different sections of the garden, walls can be used as planters or to create a more organized look for a slope as noted above.

Whatever kind of walls you plan to put up in your landscapes, you can count on our professional designers and expert masons to help you bring out the very best in your yard.

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