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The Paver Deck of Your Dreams

Jan 1, 2020 | Patios

The grill wafts up the smell of roasting meat and veggies. The sprinkler is running, and the only thing colder than the water running down the kids’ backs is the ice chest full of beer. Just as you congratulate yourself on another afternoon well spent, you look down to see your feet caked in … mud? You awake from this dream not far from your unfinished backyard, waiting for the perfect patio. Well, consider this your wake up call from Johnson’s Landscaping Service, here to chart a new path to the patio of your dreams.

What is a paver deck?

Paver decks consist of stone, concrete, or brick “pavers” laid into the surface of a yard. They create a flat space for activities, furniture, fireplaces, and other backyard amenities. They can vary in size, shape, and other aspects of construction based on the needs of each client and the specifics of each space. Paver decks can fit the existing landscaping in a yard or serve as the blueprint for new landscaping projects. Essentially, a paver deck will provide the surface on which you can design the rest of your space, be it for entertainment, lounging, recreation, or whatever else you dream up.

Advantages of a paver deck

The immense popularity of paver decks owes itself to their many advantageous qualities. Aesthetically, they offer a neat and clean look. They organize a space and open it to other aesthetic boons like furniture and landscaping. Their many colors, shapes, and materials offer immense possibilities as far as customization. As far as installation, paver decks provide ease and simplicity (not to mention affordability). They require minimal work for a minimal cost while also requiring very little maintenance over time. The durability of the materials and the flexibility of the finished product means you’ll enjoy the patio for years and years to come, no matter the weather or changes in the surface of your yard. More, they can be easily repaired and renewed to their previous glory. For these reasons and more, people consistently turn to paver decks for their spatial needs and Johnson’s Landscaping Service for their installation.

Paver Decks Look Great

The frontiers of possibility stretch far and wide regarding the look and feel of your paver patio. Your deck could take the colors inspired by the natural features of your yard, complementing the plants and trees in your area. Or, you might find that you fancy a color that matches or complements the nearby structures — the trim on the house, the color of the garage, the stain of the fence. The same possibilities lay before you in the material of each patio’s construction. Stone, concrete, and brick all afford their aesthetic advantages. Given the look of your house and the features of your property, Johnson’s Landscaping can help you find the right materials for the job. Moreover, the flexibility of the pavers allows our professionals to install each deck to the specifications of your space. This includes choosing the material that specifically matches and enhances the existing landscaping, bringing out the yard’s natural features.

A Paver Deck Complements Other Features

The ability to customize your pavers allows the possibility to tailor your patio to features like fireplaces, hot tubs, grills, pools, and more. The layout and design of your deck can match these features and add to their functionality. Our professionals can assess both your existing features as well as strategize what additions might enhance your yard. At Johnson’s Landscaping, we specialize in walls, drainage, fences, lighting, and more. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your yard needs. We can help with all the features that would liven a patio and complete your yard, from the ferns to the furniture.

Easy-to-Install Paver Decks

Compared with other deck types like wood and concrete, pavers provide a simple, straightforward installation process. The process requires little manpower or machinery, just proper knowledge, and technique. Once you’ve selected your pavers and identified the size and layout of the patio, all that’s left is to dig and place. Workers will dig a hole deep enough to lay a paver base, on top of which the pavers will rest. Then, joining sand is added to hold the stones together and in their places. The rest is up to you — what you’ll make of the space, how you’ll design it, and what you’ll add to finish your deck.

Paver Decks are Durable

This installation ensures long-lasting quality for your deck. The individual pavers interlock to create a web of firm yet flexible material. The intermeshed nature of the pavers creates layers of reinforced strength, while the sand and space between them offer room for shifting based on the ever-changing topography of your yard. This proves especially advantageous in yards of sand and silt composition in addition to yards shot through with tree roots. More, the pavers themselves will last for years to come. Their size and strength make them less prone to breaking and cracking while also providing defense from weathering and freeze-thaw. This makes them well suited for all climate types and all seasons, able to withstand the repeated expansion and contraction of warming and cooling.

Paver Decks are Low Maintenance and Easy to Repair

While wood necessitates sanding and refinishing with relative frequency and concrete can similarly require more intensive repair, pavers require very little maintenance. This consists mostly of keeping the surface of the patio clean with a broom or a blower. Stains can generally be removed with simple remedies like soap and water. A sealant can be applied to further weatherproof your patio, which provides it an even longer life. Should the joining sand thin out, it can be easily replaced with little effort. These simple maintenance steps can ensure a healthy existence for the deck, while simple fixes to its stones prove much less labor-intensive than the overhauls necessary for wood and concrete.

Safety and Comfort

The deck surface provided by stone pavers creates a pleasing yet grippable surface. It can minimize the chance of slipping while also providing texture to reduce the impact of ice and frost. It has no chance for splinters, no sharp edges, and can be easily cleaned and swept to remove debris. Still, its texture proves pleasing to the feet and as comfortable as any surface to walk, run, grill, and whatever else you may do in your yard.

Financially Responsible

While installing a paver deck may cost marginally more upfront, its durability and lifespan make it a worthy investment. Prices vary based on the types of materials used, the size and layout of the patio, and other factors. No matter the project, the value of a paver patio endures for both your yard and your wallet. Patios consistently add resale value to your home and enhance its beauty for prospective buyers, offsetting the initial investment. Coupled with other features like thoughtful landscaping and outdoor fireplaces, paver patios can truly make your home stand apart from the rest.

Paver Decks are Environmentally Sustainable

Much has been written on the adverse environmental effects of concrete, especially with regards to its inability to retain rainwater. Instead, water flows over its surface and overwhelm storm sewers and other drainage infrastructure. Paver patios offer rain the ability to seep through their cracks and into the soil beneath. This proves especially crucial because of soil’s ability to filter the water from pollutants. Instead of picking up chemicals by running over the surface of streets and concrete, rainwater can replenish your yard and your plants as it finds its way through your pavers, filtering through the soil along the way. In stormy and rainy climates, this proves especially essential with the risks of flooding. This is why some organizations even offer subsidies to replace concrete with more sustainable, porous surfaces.

Your Dream, Your Patio

At Johnson’s Landscaping Service, your ideas become our task. Think about your space and how you might use it. What are its features that a patio might bring out? What exists now that you wish to keep, and what might you consider adding? If you fancy yourself a host and an entertainer, we’ll get to work on a patio fit for socializing at the best social gatherings. If you value green space and gardening, we can help you design a patio that blends with its natural surroundings and maximizes the space for your plants and trees. More, we can tie your patio into other yard features like walkways, walls, and more. With Johnson’s, you’ll develop a 5-step plan for making these dreams a reality. We meet you and listen to your needs, plan how we will implement these desires into your specific space, discuss a particular proposal, install the plan and maintain the project for the duration of its life.

The possibilities are clear. The aesthetic qualities of paver patios offer immense opportunities to beautify your yard. Their durability and ease of installation and maintenance mean you’ll enjoy your patio with little effort and maximum longevity. More, you can know that your investment will prove both financially and environmentally responsible. The benefits are clear. All that’s left is to ask yourself, what is your dream?

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Matt Johnson grew up in a family of landscapers and gardeners as the grandson of Raymond Johnson (Founder, 1933, Johnson's Florist and Garden Center) and son of James and Carol Johnson (Founders, 1960, Johnson's Landscaping Service, Inc.). Since 2007, he has led Johnson's Landscaping Service with his brother, Charlie.  Matt and his wife Jaime live in Petworth in Northwest DC with their 3 sons and 2 big dogs.

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