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Tips For Finding the Right Permaculture Yard Designer For Your Household’s Needs

Dec 15, 2014 | Lawns

Permaculture seems to have made its way into the vocabulary of not only modern day, tree-hugging, organic fair trade coffee sipping, almond milk drinking self-proclaimed hippies, but suburban soccer moms as well. As Americans become more environmentally conscious, and the popularity of eco-friendly and “green” practices continue to increase in popularity, so too has landscape design changed.

So what does this buzz word (permaculture) actually mean? Permaculture is the development and creation of agricultural ecosystems which are purposefully designed to be sustainable and self sufficient. Permaculture is all about creating a beautiful yard that is both practical and sustainable while producing nourishing produce, all while contributing to the health of the environment. For example, edible flower centers and herb garden centers are prime examples of simple permaculture systems. Many landscape professionals often incorporate small livestock, such as chickens, into their landscape design process.

In fact, a carefully selected and properly placed forest garden not only looks beautiful, but can reduce heating costs, thereby reducing a home’s energy consumption. In the summer, landscaping can cut a home’s cooling costs by 50%, according to the American Public Power Association. Looking to sell? Landscaping can increase a home’s recovery value by 100 to 200% at selling time, according to Money Magazine.

So where do you find a permaculture yard designer? It might be easier than you think. While sustainable yard designers may be difficult to find in more rural areas, the idea of permaculture has been around for sometime. If you live a metropolitan or suburban setting, start by asking those closest to you for personal recommendations. Also, be sure to browse social media websites. There’s a good chance you will stumble upon the personal website or social media pages of permaculture yard designers in your area. Be sure to carefully review examples of their work.

If you’re interested in creating a beautiful, personal landscape that provides healthy food, and promotes a more sustainable lifestyle, consult with a permaculture designer in your area.

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