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When you partner with Johnson’s Landscaping Service, Inc., you receive our warrantied protection on your investment in your outdoor living space. Read below for more information.


Planting Warranty

This is a limited warranty; no other warranties apply. Any plant that fails to survive one year from planting will be replaced one time free of charge provided the plants have been properly cared for by the Purchaser. JLS warrants only the variety and not the particular size (due to availability) of plants and trees covered by this warranty. Annuals, perennials, roses, plants in tubs or boxes, transplanting, seeding, sodding, and indoor plants are not covered by this warranty. Any plant which dies must be examined by a JLS representative prior to being removed from the ground. JLS will not warrant any plant removed from the ground prior to inspection. No claim will be considered if the JLS representative determines that the plant was not properly protected or cared for. JLS is not responsible for the replacement of plants, which die as a result of extreme acts of nature, vandalism or mechanical injury. Cash refund will not be given. Replacements will not be authorized until three months after installation. This warranty is void if Purchaser fails to pay in full for materials and services provided as per this Agreement. JLS does not warrant drainage work nor does it guarantee against water leakage into houses.

Obtaining Replacements

Many plants experience shock after installation and may turn slightly brown and appear to be dying.  This condition is only temporary and the plant should recover.  If, however, after three to four months, a plant does not appear to be recovering, call JLS and ask our Landscape Inspector to visit and inspect the plants.

Construction Warranty

This is a limited warranty; no other warranties apply. Service described in the contract are warranted against structural defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of installation. JLS is not responsible for materials used which are manufactured by others and subject to weathering, vandalism, traffic wear, and /or mechanical damage. This warranty is void if purchaser fails to pay in full for services provided as agreed. JLSuses C.C.A. Pressure Treated Wolmanized wood with 4 or 6 retention rating and does not warranty against normal shrinkage, checking, or warping. JLS does not warrant drainage work; nor does it guarantee against water leakage into buildings.
To request electronic copies of our complete planting and construction contracts, please click here.

We are still answering phones Monday-Friday, 8-5, and responding to inquiries. If you have questions, please call (301) 656-6414.

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