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What is the Value of a Landscape Project?

Jun 1, 2019 | Services

One common question people have about landscaping is about the pricing. Is it worth it?

We understand that landscaping is a big investment, and it’s normal for homeowners to be surprised or confused when they first see the price tag for a landscaping project. Often, the best results or the best service cost more than cut-rate providers.

You may have already compared a recent price tag to that of competitors, but have you also compared the level of service? You can have mediocre landscaping for a cheap price, but more a carefully considered investment will you will get much more.

The Values Triangle

Imagine a triangle that has low price, good quality, and good service at its points. It’s up to you where you fall on this values triangle. If you are willing to make the investment, you can get high-quality work and top-level service.

At Johnson’s, we consider ourselves the best value because of our expertise and high levels of customer satisfaction, and we want to bring this to your home as well. We will be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2020, and that longevity was won through high levels of customer service.

Return on Investment

In addition to landscapers you can trust and a beautiful finished product, investing in your landscape will pay off in the long run. According to Bob Vila, good landscaping can add up to 20 percent of value to your home, meaning that any money you spend now has the potential to grow significantly over time. This requires a trained professional and high-quality work, however, which not all landscapers can give you. We can assure you that your investment with us will be worth it; not only will your guests have a beautiful first impression of your home, but your home will sell for more when the time comes.

The Johnson’s Difference

As you make the decision of whether or not great landscaping is worth the price tag, we encourage you to consider where your priorities lie and what you would do if you were to pick the cheap option now, only to regret it later.

We are a family business with over 50 years of experience, and we will care for you as an individual through learning about your unique interests and goals for your property with our 5-step system. This allows us to get to know you through meeting, planning, and discussing, and we will also stay with you through the installation and maintenance. Johnson’s is a team of creative designers who can transform the look of your home, and we also have impressive knowledge about scientific aspects, such as plants and their growth habits, that complement our innovative side. We will make sure you get exactly the landscape you’re looking for, and though this may cost a bit more, we are confident that our quality service is worth your money.

Choose us now and we can guarantee our best work, so that you can sit back, relax, and let us transform your landscape into something special. Just ask any of our past customers, who continue to refer friends and family to us — our landscaping is worth the investment.

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