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Why Winter is the Best Time for Landscaping

Nov 1, 2019 | Services

For generations, Johnson’s Landscaping Service has provided quality landscaping for homes, so we bring knowledge, experience, and a trained eye.

In our experience, winter is a great time to start your project! I know doing landscaping in the winter seems a little counterintuitive, but in reality, winter is an excellent time to begin your project. There are a few benefits to starting your landscaping project in the winter.

The first significant advantage is that doing hardscaping in the winter allows you to plant your flowers in the spring. Hardscaping is when you do the non-planting landscaping, like installing a patio, walkway, stone wall, or deck. The stones have to be put in before the plants, so getting the hardscaping finished first is essential. Using the winter months to work on the hardscaping will allow ample time to finalize the installation before adding the flowers, shrubs, and trees in the spring.

The second significant advantage to doing your landscaping in the winter is that you can get a head start on the landscaping. The vast majority of people do their landscaping in the spring, so doing your landscaping in the winter means that you have a relatively open schedule available to you. Because there is less of a demand for landscaping, you can get more individualized and personalized help because fewer people are asking for quotes, estimates, and designs.

If you do not wish to do the actual landscaping in the winter months, it will still be advantageous to begin at least planning. You do not necessarily have to have your project installed, but you can at least consult with us and design your dream outdoor space. That way, when you are ready to do the installation in the spring, you will have the first three steps of the process finished, and you can focus on just the installation. Doing the installation in early spring, before everyone else has even decided to do their landscaping, still means that you can get into the landscaping schedule early.

With our 5 Step Process, we can work with you to make your dream outdoor space! First, we will meet with you so we can understand what your vision is. Based on that vision, we’ll give you our custom proposal, which we will then discuss with you to perfect it. After we finalize the plan, our experienced crews will install the project. Finally, we will provide you with a customized maintenance plan so you can enjoy your dream outdoor space for as long as possible!

By following these easy steps, your landscaping will be done before you know it!

Winter is a fantastic time to do your landscaping project because it is very time efficient. We are open in all four seasons, and we are ready to work with you so that you can create your dream outdoor space! Call Johnson’s Landscaping Service to get started today!

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About the Author

Matt Johnson grew up in a family of landscapers and gardeners as the grandson of Raymond Johnson (Founder, 1933, Johnson's Florist and Garden Center) and son of James and Carol Johnson (Founders, 1960, Johnson's Landscaping Service, Inc.). Since 2007, he has led Johnson's Landscaping Service with his brother, Charlie.  Matt and his wife Jaime live in Petworth in Northwest DC with their 3 sons and 2 big dogs.


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