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Winter Landscaping – Plants, Shrubs, And Trees Can Add A Magical Touch To Your Yard

Nov 9, 2016 | Gardens, Lawns

If you spend a good part of winter wishing it would snow just so that it would cover everything in the yard up and make it look beautiful for a while, it’s time to correct the problem. The right plants can help you create low-maintenance interest and color all year long that can make your winter garden seem like it has a touch of magic in it. Here are two suggestions you can use.


Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is one of the most striking plants that you can add to your yard because it starts blooming long after most other plants are done. While this large bush gives off a gentle fragrance all year, it doesn’t start to flower until its leaves fall off for winter. Depending on the variety you choose, the flowers range from a bright gold to a fiery red. Many people are familiar with the gentle skin cleanser made from the witch hazel’s bark, but most people don’t realize that the flowers give off a sweet, clean smell all winter. There are two varieties commonly in use: the American species blooms in November and December and the Asian species blooms in January and February. Plant a mix of these and your yard will have color and scent through the majority of winter, even in the snow. One of the best parts about the witch hazel is that it’s very low-maintenance—as long as you give it space to grow.

While technically a shrub, it can reach heights of 30 feet and grow up to 15 feet wide so many people refer to it as a tree. They’re fairly non-fussy about where you plant them, as well. They’ll adapt to different soil conditions, temperature zones, available
water quantities, and can tolerate both partial shade and full sun.


Ornamental Kale and Cabbage

If you’re looking for something that’s a little smaller but just as startling in look as witch hazel against a bleak winter background, consider planting a few varieties of ornamental kale or cabbage. You can even plant them in pots, for easy arranging around your walk, steps, and doorway. Ornamental kale and cabbage have an almost supernatural ability to thrive throughout the colder months. Different varieties can have dark green leaves, striking purple centers, or even vibrant reds. For the most part, whether you plant them in pots or directly in the ground, they’re fairly easy to maintain. Just watch out for insect activity and treat the plants with an insecticide if necessary. The right landscaping – plants, shrubs, and trees chosen for their ability to transform a winter yard from bleak to brilliant – can help you enjoy your yard all year. If you’re having trouble figuring out what works best for you, contact us for assistance. We’re more than happy to help you pick the right plants for your yard and get them going.

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